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earth day birthday

The twenty-second of April is my birthday, and it’s also Earth Day. When I was maybe seven years old, one of my little friends who lived in Antigonish, where, apparently, there was a big annual Earth Day celebration, was visiting … Continue reading

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“Black Betty”

I just cried a bit over a car, y’all. But she was not just any car. Black Betty was my first car. I bought her back in 2010. With my own money, and I paid off the loan, and I … Continue reading

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dear Rita.

It seems that between the Boston Marathon tragedy day-before-yesterday, the loss a few weeks ago of Jay Smith, and now the loss of Rita MacNeil, there is a lot of cause for contemplation and quiet moments on the island. The … Continue reading

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magic vs. hard work

When you see someone do something that they are good at doing, it can seem like magic. It seems effortless. Preparing a big meal and making everything taste good and be warm at the same time. Cutting the graft just … Continue reading

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midweek goofiness – a GIF

It really has nothing to do with the fact that it’s the end of the school year. Seriously! This was just something fun I made with my classmates last week. We had to shoot a close-up, product shot of something. … Continue reading

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What the heck is “Artaeology”?

When Michelle Richards added me to her Facebook group “Artaeology”, I was immediately intrigued. I knew it had something to do with art, old buildings, photography and Cape Breton. Four things that mean so much to me. But what the heck … Continue reading

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Mathieu’s Adventures: Skiing at Smokey

My brother Mat is more adventurous than I am, all things considered, I think. He’s the one who climbed up on the roof when we were kids, then turned around and looked down at me, who was scared of heights, … Continue reading

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