dear Rita.


It seems that between the Boston Marathon tragedy day-before-yesterday, the loss a few weeks ago of Jay Smith, and now the loss of Rita MacNeil, there is a lot of cause for contemplation and quiet moments on the island.

The lesson, I think, is love. Let flow the tears, the condolences and the compassion, and let us act out of love wherever possible.

I loved the story that this little quote is from:

“Several times during lunch, Janet would gaze at the photo of Rita on the CD she clutched in her hand (a CD, incidentally, that Rita had given her, signed, as a birthday gift) and then look up at Rita, in the flesh, sitting right next to her at the table. This seemed to be a wonder that Janet could barely comprehend. And then she would tune into the music coming over the speakers, which was (of course) Rita MacNeil. She would look up at the speakers, at her CD, then again toward her host, in absolute amazement. This woman was even more incredible that Janet had imagined!”

(Thanks Parker for sharing this story by Jenn Power from her blog, Disability-Possibility.)

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1 Response to dear Rita.

  1. scottmac56 says:

    Oh no. Rita MacNeil. I was blessed to have chatted with her briefly in October during Celtic Colours. A profound loss.

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