What the heck is “Artaeology”?


Photographer: Sally Carpenter. Model: Paula Camus.


Photographer: Christopher Walzak, also known as ProPhotographic Cape Breton.


Photographer: Michelle Richards.


Photographer: Timothy Gray.

When Michelle Richards added me to her Facebook group “Artaeology”, I was immediately intrigued.

I knew it had something to do with art, old buildings, photography and Cape Breton. Four things that mean so much to me.

But what the heck is “artaeology”?

It’s a term Michelle came up with that means “combining art and archaeology.”

And as a group, it’s a collaboration of artists, photographers, models, archaeologists, etc, that are taking an innovative approach to document standing archaeological structures. That innovative approach is: art!

Michelle lives in St. Peters, and although the collective is mostly based there, she foresees having photography collectives around the island, snapping pictures of abandoned buildings.

Already well-known in her community for her passion for surfing, Michelle actually studied archaeology in university and she’s passionate about structures. She says, “We’re looking to document these old houses, the ones that are in danger of getting torn down. We go mainly to abandoned places, but if there was someone living in an old home, who would like to have it documented by photographers, we’d be open to that too!”

Anyone who has ever taken a surf lesson with Michelle at Point Michaud will know she has an exuberant, friendly energy. She brings that energy to her new project, too. She says,

“Through art we can show the public these buildings in a new way while also documenting the structure and contents that remain.”

Get in touch with Michelle at (902) 227-1230 or request to be added to the Facebook group, if you’d like to take pictures, be a model, or just to find out more.

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1 Response to What the heck is “Artaeology”?

  1. Siamese Cat says:

    Great idea! Love that second shot by Mr. Walzak.

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