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tea and a date square

I do not know where the time is going. It is seriously flying! I’m sneaking in this blog post at the Wentworth Perk cafe on George Street while I wait to meet someone I’m working with. This meeting is for … Continue reading

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my Vital award acceptance speech (only a day late)

I didn’t write a speech to deliver at the mic for when I got this award yesterday, but in a way I wrote one this morning, in my head, as I walked in the field and woods near my house. … Continue reading

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On the smell of night air in November

When I stepped out of my car this evening, in the driveway, I could smell woodsmoke on the cool night air. I absolutely love this mix of smells and temperature that this time of year brings. I love it so much. It … Continue reading

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your bravery looks different than you think

This morning I got a Glitterbomb in my email. (I do every morning, and this is where you can sign up for that glittery goodness from Tiffany Han.) It said, “Your bravery looks different than you think.” And that made … Continue reading

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november delights

current delights: helping out at the Craft Fair yesterday. sleeping in today. a bit of freelance design work to do (but the knowledge that for the next month or so, after this stuff is wrapped up, I won’t have any.) … Continue reading

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oh hey there!

  Ha, just me, lying on a floor, like you do. At a Zumba marathon in PEI last weekend. My friend Patti that I was staying with is a Zumba instructor. As you can see, I do not do Zumba, … Continue reading

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happy Friday!

Crazy to think it’s already November of this calendar year. The year has flown by! A lot of the time, this fast-time-passing thing makes me feel frantic, like I want to look around me to see where this time is … Continue reading

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