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quick post Friday

Yesterday was awesome. I took a bunch of pictures and I’ll share them here next week in a 30walks post. But at the moment I’ve got a client project that I need (and want!) to be working on, so I’m going … Continue reading

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hungry for some change, a beach

Today I find myself thinking about hunger. Not the issue of having enough to eat, which surely has lots to think about, but the feeling of craving a thing. For example, I’ve been so hungry for the Highlands lately. For their saturated-with-rain, … Continue reading

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project process // hand-lettering part 3

Back in February of this year I started on an independent project for school, learning some hand-lettering. I’m a huge fan of Mary Kate McDevitt’s work and wanted to learn some of the techniques of the beautiful art of letters, so I signed up for her Skillshare … Continue reading

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just keepin’ it real

Today I don’t really have much in terms of a post, but I’m going to jot a few words down anyway, because I do want to post something. I guess it’s for the sake of “keepin’ it real”? Cuz, that’s a thing, right? … Continue reading

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five things I’ve learned from: completing a diploma at NSCC

On Saturday I wore a black and white academic gown and I crossed the stage and got my diploma. I think a big “huzzah” is in order, so: HUZZAH!!! Two years ago I decided to return to school and work … Continue reading

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links loved / june 21

This was Dominion yesterday, after I had dropped off my friend Hollie, and took a quick stop at one of my favourite beaches. (And took this video.) Today is graduation day! So I’m quickly getting some coffee into me before … Continue reading

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how sweet it is

A quick post today! Because: It’s my week to do the “Share That You Care” graphic, and it’s not done yet. I also want to: walk in Munro Park (the spot in the picture above), shower, get ready for a … Continue reading

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