multitude monday / august 25


My friend and former design classmate Katie MacLennan writes a great blog called Polka Dot Soup. On it she writes a post some Mondays called “Multitude Monday.” She writes, “Mondays are about documenting the little (or big!) things in life that make me oh-so-happy. Let’s make Mondays a day to reflect on the goodies, and not the baddies.”

Also, a few months ago I read Brené Brown’s book “Daring Greatly: How The Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead,” in which she writes, “The shudder of vulnerability that accompanies joy is an invitation to practice gratitude, to acknowledge how truly grateful we are for the person, the beauty, the connection, or simply the moment before us.”

(The last Multitude Monday post I wrote, last week, is here.)

The ten things I’m most grateful for right now:

151. Big wide-open summer skies above me as I drove to the beach on the weekend.

152. People in the community who work to make cool things happen, like Alicia Lake (and her colleagues) and the 50% Local Food Club.

153. All the people in the community who then take part in those cool things (you too!).

154. Water in all its forms, but especially ocean waves on sand, and clear tap water to drink.

155. Salty, sticky, wavy beach hair.

156. Taking a shower after swimming in the ocean, and then that lazy, relaxed, clean feeling afterwards.

157. Home-made deep-dish pizza on both Saturday and Sunday nights.

158. Caesar salad to go with it.

159. The man who loves both of these things, and who also loves me: Adam.

160. The couch, for hosting our lazy times and my long afternoon nap yesterday.

Have a great Monday! I hope you see some examples today of the multitude of goodness all around us.

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