long weekend

That one white cloud. It kills me.

Sunset on Canada Day.

“It looks like Canada Day, as a cake!”

Instagram shot of the buffet table. Deep-fried turkey, salads.

Chips and dips.

Instagram shot of the water and the sky.

My happy place.

We went away for the long weekend. Down to Eastern Passage, just outside of Halifax. It was so good to get away.

Not that life here isn’t good, or is super stressful. It IS good, and it isn’t overly stressful. (I mean, there is the normal amount of stress that most people have. It’s not like living in Cape Breton magically gets rid of stress. But, you know. I’m not complaining.)

Anyway, getting from “it all” – your regular routine, your job, your house, your usual haunts – is really good for the head. Hitting the road, leaving town, seeing new places. So good.

We were blessed with lovely weather, delicious food, and friendly and fun company. We practiced the art of doing very little, moving from the deck (sitting) to the yard (washer toss) to the kitchen (making food), and back again. I took a few walks just across the road to the beach, and stood with my feet in the water. Feeling the sand and the cool waves made me excited to start on my “10 Beaches” project!

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