Growing hops in Nyanza: The Kilted Moose

Do you remember my first interview, all the way back in February?

It was with Jeremy and Melanie White, who had moved here from Vancouver and Montreal (via Nicaragua), bought an old farmhouse and farm property, and were working on starting a microbrewery.

(You might also remember the post I did in March where I taste-tested some of their homebrew. Conclusion: delicious!)

Well, last week I went out to their place in Nyanza and had a visit. Jeremy showed me around, from the hops field to the site of the future brewery, and then Melanie cooked us up some supper.

The Kilted Moose Farmhouse Brewery – the name they have chosen – is slated for a “soft opening” this winter with a limited production for some local pubs and customers. The building design is still to be approved, but ECBC has committed a significant portion of the funding. As well, the Whites have had the brewery’s road and culvert approved by the Department of Transportation, and they are hoping to have the building completed by October 2012.

Getting closer all the time!

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