ready to collide

halifax This is the view from my hotel room this morning. I’m in Halifax!

I’m here to attend a conference called Collide. I’m here on behalf of the Horizon Achievement Centre, where I’m the Youth Intern on the Database Project, although I also do miscellaneous design tasks at the Centre too, like designing the Annual Report.

I’m here with my friend Jacquie Blanchard of Pure Project Relations.

It’s pretty neat that a year ago we would both have been described as being Graphic Design students at NSCC, and now we’re proper design and tech professionals!

Anyway, a huge thanks to both our workplaces for sending us to this conference, and we’re both really excited to learn, meet, talk, laugh and generally Collide! Woot!


This post is part of a new Photo A Day series that I started on last Tuesday. See the rest by clicking on the category “Photo A Day.”


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1 Response to ready to collide

  1. hermit2003 says:

    Congrats, Leah! This conference should be both exciting and inspiring, and will allow you to add some creative souls to your network–always a bonus!

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