this week

photo I’ve been in “the cave” a week now. It’s good. Less Facebook (although, yes, you’ll still see me post some things, and pop up here and there – due to the fact that I run the “Dream Big” group on there, and that my class also uses Facebook to communicate, I can’t really give it up entirely), less Instagram, less checking emails and social media stuff past 7 pm. Fewer blog posts, at least for now. (I think I’ll go with one a week for a little bit, and see how that is.)

More: work done. More just spacing out and staring at the walls, while cuddled up with my mister. More thoughts entertained privately, not shared as “status updates.” More space in my mind for my own thoughts and my own ideas, instead of scanning and collecting little bits of everyone else’s lives, as if that horde of tiny data would somehow replace face-to-face conversations over coffee, or hugs. More appreciating the wind on my face, the slow and quiet moments, and not feeling like I “have” to check my phone every ten minutes.

Here are a few photos I took this week. Really, as you’ll see, one main reason I’m not posting as much is that I don’t have much to post! I’m living the un-glamourous life of a busy student, with time for my studies and time for making supper (but not my own lunch – I buy that, as you’ll see).

20131107-111447.jpg Frosty grass seen on one of my morning walks.


20131107-190116.jpg Mmm nom nom… NSCC’s culinary arts students cook our lunches.


20131107-190224.jpg A few weeks ago our class took a tour of Pictou’s Advocate Printing. They sent us a little present this week – a spider that they cut. It didn’t come with instructions though! We’re still working on putting it together. #whatdesignstudentsdoforfun

20131107-190311.jpg The drive home is often into the dark.

20131107-190328.jpg And sometimes I eat lunch at my desk. So glamourous! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend, especially if you’re taking in some of the rad Nova Scotia Music Week shows!

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