A couple places you might have seen me lately…

Sometimes I shake my head and think, “Holy cats, is this my life?”

And I marvel at how by “just” writing – in other words, speaking my mind, and doing something that heck, I would do anyway, no matter if anyone was there to read it or not – I’m getting attention, praise, and great opportunities. It feels… well, it feels unbelievable sometimes. Like I’m still dreaming. Like it’s not quite real.

I’m so grateful. So, so grateful. I whisper “Thank you” all the time these days, in my head, to the universe or God or whoever it is who is blessing me, and making it possible for my hard work and my interests to pay off. And I try and make sure that I thank YOU enough – you readers. You who share the content, who “like” posts, who write to me – you rock. And, you ARE the rock, upon which this blog can grow.

So here are some places I’ve popped up lately. The first is on YouTube – it’s the talk I gave at Ideas Powered by Passion. Apparently I use my hands a lot! Who knew?

I’d like to share more with you at some point about giving speeches, and about how I’ve overcome the stage fright and nervousness I used to feel when I was younger.

(If you’ve got another 28 minutes, I’d highly recommend checking out Kate Oland’s keynote speech for that same event. She’s articulate and brilliant and I’m so lucky to call her my friend.)

Another spot is in the NextGen Connect newsletter – and if you’re here because of that piece, hi! – which is a project of the Cape Breton Partnership. If you sign up on their website, you’ll get sent monthly newsletters with great information about youth and business in Cape Breton. It’s a great source of information and I’m honored to be the subject of a piece in it this month.

And last but not least, in this month’s edition of Coastal Braid, the online magazine edited by Madonna Doucette, you’ll find an original piece I wrote just for that publication, a short piece of creative non-fiction called “My Leather Jacket.”

Enjoy your weekend! And again, as always, thanks for your support. It really means the world to me.

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2 Responses to A couple places you might have seen me lately…

  1. Penny says:

    I love your blogs and I did watch the utube on both you and Kate. Very smart young ladies!!

  2. Heather says:

    Great talk 🙂

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