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Back To School at 28: So far, so good!

I’ve been in school a week now and so far, so good! I love that I’m in school to learn about things like typography, art, design, the history of design. These are all things that had been secret and not-so-secret … Continue reading

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10 Beaches/2012: Point Michaud

Point Michaud. Oh, Point Michaud. For years it was my family’s getaway spot, thanks to a dear friend who lives practically right on the beach. Then some awesome women started teaching surf lessons there and Point Michaud got better known … Continue reading

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Adventures in food sourcing: Alicia Lake

Last September, Alicia Lake ate only Cape Breton-grown food for one month. She wrote about it on her blog, and raised a lot of folks’ consciousness about just what is available here. (Coffee is definitely not, and she missed that … Continue reading

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Frugal Friday: Impulses

Impulse buying is, by and large, what ruins my attempts to be frugal. It feels like I just can’t help it. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Thinking about something is how I figure it out and make … Continue reading

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Q+A with Dawn and Margie Beaton

1. What’s your age? Margie and I are in our latter 20s….two old cailleachs! 2. CB born and raised? Or recent transplant? (Plus whatever biographical details you feel like giving). Cape Breton born, raised and rooted, all the way. We’re … Continue reading

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“Bring ridesharing to another level”

We all have to get around. It’s a fact of life. Especially in this day and age, when so many families are spread out all over the country, getting around is a big part of our lives. We fly, drive, … Continue reading

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10 Beaches/2012: Dominion

You guys, I am so glad I decided to “challenge” myself this summer. (I know, it’s not much of a challenge to sit on a beach. But the challenge is in making the time to go somewhere new, instead of … Continue reading

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