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Park it

I leave earlier than I have to each day mainly to score a good parking spot. Most of the classes at NSCC start at 8:30 am, whereas mine doesn’t start til 9:30, so if I were to get there just … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m thankful for… …family to share meals with (both family I’ve had since I was born, and family that are new in the last year and a half). …this delicious bread pudding we made. …the chance for … Continue reading

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Frugal Friday – the $0 Day concept

Found: on Smart Pretty and Awkward (the blog that Adam says should be about me, haha). Original article: the $O Day concept, by Laura Shin. Quote: “I hadn’t intended not to spend any money, but the next morning, when I went to … Continue reading

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Feeling moody

  In my Introduction to Web Design class we’re designing a website. It can be anything we want, including a re-design of an existing website, so I’m taking this chance to redesign this blog, Dream Big Cape Breton! (You won’t … Continue reading

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I can’t get enough of…

…Jenn Grant’s new album. I listen to it on repeat while I’m working on school stuff, which is more and more these days. I go in early and work, and then I stay after class and do more work. I’m … Continue reading

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give me a sign

The signs are sprouting up everywhere. (These ones are some that I passed on a walk the other day, near my house.) Let’s have some fun with this – take a snapshot or two of an election sign or signs … Continue reading

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Writers’ Festival – the morning after

Whew!! What a weekend. Later on this week, I’ll be sharing a longer post about how the 2012 Cabot Trail Writers Festival went, with lots of pictures and description. For now, it’s Monday morning, I’m back at school (driving out … Continue reading

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