Park it

I leave earlier than I have to each day mainly to score a good parking spot. Most of the classes at NSCC start at 8:30 am, whereas mine doesn’t start til 9:30, so if I were to get there just in time for class, I’d have to park way back in the back parking lot.

(Mind you, a little walk never hurt anyone, especially on a sunny day. This isn’t a case of genuine suffering, I know.)

It’s kind of like a competition I play with myself, to see how early I can get there and how good of a spot I can get.

Here’s today’s spot, above. (My car is the black Ford Escort on the left.) Pretty good day so far!

It’s also nice to get to the classroom before anyone else arrives and have some time in there to myself, so I can do things like work on classwork blog.

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2 Responses to Park it

  1. Melissa says:

    I know the feeling! Last year during all the construction at CBU over 100 parking spots were lost from the year before! While I was lucky enough to have 8:30 classes all week and able to find a parking spot that early, I also ran the food bank – and after a run to the grocery store in the late morning or early afternoon, there would be no parking places until a class let out and students went home! While the new buildings are beautiful, in a town with limited public transportation to the university, parking is rather essential. Hopefully things have improved this year!

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