links loved / july 12

balloonslinkloved Happy Saturday and weekend everyone!

I had a really fun day yesterday getting my hair and makeup done, and then having a photoshoot with my friend Morwenna. (We originally met because of this blog… I interviewed her back in 2012, and the post about her and her family is here!)

I can’t wait to see –and share with you all — the images she took, so when she’s done editing them I’ll be sure to do that.

Now on with the weekend! We’re heading to Middle River later today, to Adam’s cousin’s cabin for the night. Here is a post from an earlier trip to that spot. We love it there, hanging out with family, dipping in the river, and sitting around the campfire. Good times.

But first! Some weekend link-loving, inspired by Elise and her weekend links series! Here we go:

The textures on this big white weaving by Elise are super gorgeous.

A bright and colourful family rock garden.

The Araxi Longtable series in Whistler, BC, looks like it would be amazing (dining in a field at a super long table). Although if you did that here in Cape Breton the blackflies would probably carry the whole table away, lol.

The 10% Shift Nova Scotia campaign sounds like an interesting and doable way to support the local economy.

These photos of a young family by Tara Whitney just kill me. The sunlight, their hair, the little girl looking up at her parents as they hug, the other little girl looking through the hole in the swing set thing, and then the finger paint!!

A dance troupe that came in 2nd place at the Vibe competition rocks it. They slow down and speed up in perfect synchronicity and look like they might not even be human. (Video runs 5:57.) At around the 3-minute mark they bring in a live violin, too, which is rad incorporated into this mostly hip-hop routine.

I love my friend Katie’s first letter to her little girl, Violet.

The Local Traveler NS talks about letting our actions define us as a region, instead of a brand.

Have a super fun weekend!


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1 Response to links loved / july 12

  1. Katie says:

    Thanks for the link! Can’t believe it’s time to write another letter to V. xo

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