links loved / july 5


Above: a shot I took while I was at my kitchen table making the lupin/island art that I used in yesterday’s “Share That You Care” graphic.

So it’s Saturday again! The day of the week when I like to do a Links Loved round-up. (Inspired by Elise and her Weekend Links.)

Here goes!

I love, love, LOVE Leah Kathryn’s photos and words of her stay in Cape Breton last week.

My former classmate (and forever friend!) Hollie is hi-larious on YouTube: “Lies Graphic Designers Tell Themselves.”

I’m starting to work on doing some inverted yoga poses. They feel awesome, strengthening and fun.

This guide to doing a handstand is clever and funny to read. While I may not get to a full handstand for a while, I’m going to start practicing!

Fun make-your-own colour powder!

A flamingo-themed dance party.

I’m addicted to Erika Ray’s birth photography. This is her latest post in her birth photography series, and it’s about a mom giving birth to her third son.

I’m also totally loving this song lately: As Above So Below by Anthony David. It’s reflective, flowing, moving, quiet, and powerful all at once!

Have a great ol’ weekend!!

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