Alyce MacLean and the “Making a Difference” project


My rad friend Alyce MacLean, a native of Sydney, has recently started her radio career by interviewing people who are choosing to make their lives on Cape Breton, for CBC’s afternoon show Mainstreet. The series is called Making a Difference, and you can listen to all the short interviews here! And yup, I’m one of the folks she interviewed. My interview originally aired April 30th.

A new interview airs every Tuesday at 4:45 pm or thereabouts, on CBC Radio 1 in Cape Breton, so you can tune in today to hear a brand-new one! Or bookmark that website linked to above, and check back weekly.

Here is a fun, very short Q+A with Alyce! And if you want to contact her with ideas for people to interview, or thoughts on her interviews, you can email her at:

Name: Alyce MacLean
Age: 27
Location: Sydney, NS
Favourite beach on CB: Three-way tie for different reasons: 1) South Harbour Beach: outrageous beauty 2) Chimney Corner: Also crazy beautiful, but smaller, cozier and has the magic of being between Inverness and Margaree 3) John Maclean beach in Boisdale- the week day “go-to” beach amongst my friends; so, there’s always a friendly face and usually a grill.
Favourite local musician: Hrmm….. tough decision, because they’re all my friends! I’d have to say currently I’m always impressed with Jordan Musycsyn. His songwriting is so brilliant.
Guilty pleasure: Listening to really terrible (read: really awesome) pop music. Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Robyn, I love it!

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