five things I’ve learned from: hitting a deer


So last September on my way to Halifax to fly out for a weekend, I hit a deer just outside of New Glasgow. I was really lucky to be unhurt, but my car was not, and needed towing and repairs. Then just yesterday on my way home from school, I hit another deer. Again, I was luckily unhurt, but the deer and my car suffered damage. This time little Pepper Potts (my name for my orange Yaris) may be written off.

It got me thinking about what I learned from the last time and this time, and also an idea for a new series on the blog: “Five Things I’ve Learned From…” various experiences.

  1. Keep the numbers for CAA and your insurance company handy. After the last time (when I had to scramble through the glove compartment to find my insurance info, and Google CAA to find the phone number) I now keep a copy of my insurance info (claim number and phone number) in my wallet, and I have the phone numbers for both CAA and Aviva in my phone’s contacts list. I also keep a piece of paper and pen handy for when the insurance folks give me information like the adjustor’s name and number, the shop where they want the car towed to, and the rental car place. These little details can save a lot of “frazzle” when an accident has just happened and you’re in a bit of shock.
  2. Go the speed limit. God knows I like to go a bit over, especially when stuck behind slow drivers, and that I enjoy the rush of driving fast. I’ll admit that! But going 100 can save you both a speeding ticket any old time, and give you a precious extra second when you spot a deer, to slow down. Both times I was able to slow down enough in that 1-2 seconds that it made a difference when the deer and I collided; my airbags didn’t even deploy, I was unhurt, and the damage to the car wasn’t as bad as it could have been.
  3. It’s worth it to have a rental car as part of your insurance policy! The company arranges it and you can get back to your regular schedule almost immediately, depending on availability of cars, of course.
  4. Show your appreciation for the emergency care workers who attend the scene or help you out. I like to send Tim Hortons gift cards. It’s a bit of extra work, for sure, but it makes me feel good that I get to say “thank you” to the competent pros and volunteers who make such a difference at a stressful time.
  5. This time I had to help wave traffic around the deer’s body, so I think I’ll get myself some reflective gloves and maybe a safety vest to keep in my car, in case I ever need to do that again.

Do you have any tips or thoughts? I’d love to hear them.

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1 Response to five things I’ve learned from: hitting a deer

  1. cbcaper says:

    Hello Leah,
    So sorry to hear of your mishap. I love the tips especially the last one. Very smart to be prepared. Thank you for sharing this experience. Glad to hear you escape unharmed and sad to hear of the deer and poor Little Pepper Potts. Makes me think is it worth it? Our highways and fast moving vehicles…is a deer not a life and just what are the impacts of owning a vehicle? Lots of questions and thoughts. Take Joy ~ Diane

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