links loved / mar 22


This is the field behind my school. You have to walk down a little dirt road to get there. It’s so pretty and such a nice spot for me to get away from school for a few minutes.

It’s that time of the week again! Time to share some link love with you all. Elise, my huge blog inspiration (the only blog I read every single day!) does this thing called “weekend links” and it got me inspired to do it too.

So let’s start with Alison of The Alison Show! She’s pretty goofy and brilliant and silly, so be warned. A while back I shared her video “How To Be Awesome, Part 1”, so here is her “How to Be Awesome, Part 2 and Part 3“. It’s what inspired me to post a short video of myself dancing, yesterday. (Yikes!)

A rad garden show in Toronto, as experienced by Nova Scotia author Niki Jabbour.

It’s not impossible: a website devoted to helping people trade ideas and services.

A beautifully-designed journal that shows the changes of pregnancy.

How to tackle huge projects and actually get them done. (I can always use advice in this category!)

How funny is this letterpress card?

I have a big crush on fashion bloggers over 40, like this lady.

Have a great weekend! See you back here on Monday.

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