the young woman and the wave (of snow)

snowwave1 snowwave2 These photos are from yesterday, in the early morning when we ventured outside to clear the snow. While Adam was on snowblower + driveway duty, I was responsible to clear the deck and steps. I felt kind of protective of this little “wave” of snow and didn’t want to shovel it away. It reminded me of a kids’ book I read once, called The Old Woman and The Wave, where the wave is animate and hangs out over a woman’s house.

snowcleared1 However, I did clear it away. With the wind patterns the way they are, that wave will likely be back with the next snowfall.

I hope you have a lovely weekend! I’m looking forward to a girls’ game night with some dear friends, and then the next night, to taking Adam’s mom out to dinner for her upcoming birthday. We all love The Lobster Pound and Moore, just down the street here in North Sydney.

(And of course, making my way through a “wave” of schoolwork, and hopefully, also getting some down-time too, with my fellow.)

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1 Response to the young woman and the wave (of snow)

  1. Stacey says:

    Wow! I wouldn’t want to take away the snow wave either.

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