Currently: a November evening

currently Currently…

  • Working on a “creative brief” about a consumer product though the ages, for my Art Direction project. (The consumer product I was assigned is felt pens, which is perfect, because I love Sharpies!)
  • A tad overwhelmed at all the work that needs to be done over the next two weeks, although trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. (Christmas holidays! Only two and a half more weeks.)
  • Wishing I could have been at the special meeting of the CBRM on youth issues, but knowing that some amazing people were there (like Kelsey and Brandon), representing.
  • Eating a lot of rice, eggs and miso soup, and yogurt (no, not all at once) which is all my stressed-out tummy can handle these days. One day at a time, right? Luckily there are some good days too.
  • Considering going to the Emera center here in North Sydney to take walks in the evening, or else busting out the sweet reflective safety vest Adam gave me last year, so I can walk at night. These early-dark days do get to me.
  • Hoping its normal to feel this way, with a semester left to go in my diploma, that I’m totally not ready to graduate and totally not ready for the workforce. I’ve chatted with some of my classmates and they feel the same, so I think it’s a normal feeling.
  • Thankful for family and friends who make me feel “normal”. Whatever that is!


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