making me happy // offset printer

press Today my class went down to KKP (formerly known as Kwik Kopy) on Charlotte Street in Sydney, to watch some business cards we had designed get printed on an offset printer. Most of the time in printing these days, work gets printed on a digital printer, but there are some projects for which an offset printer is still used. (I think Tom at KKP mentioned envelopes, and other things I can’t remember.)

We did this project on the offset printer mainly to see how the machine works, as part of our Studio: Print class. These old machines are being replaced by digital printers, and although I get that the digital printers are a lot easier to run, it still makes me a bit sad to think of all that knowledge and a way of printing going the way of the dodo.

It’s chilly here on the island today, although I hear that it’s meant to warm up in the next day or so.

Other things making me happy today: I found miso paste at Charlene’s Health Food Store, as well as some ginger chews. (My stomach has been upset lately and after eating one ginger chew, so far so good, it’s a bit better.) I also took my walk after I got home from school, and smiled at some folks and petted a dog. These little encounters with the people all around us in the world are so important, even though they seem so small.

What’s making you happy in this dark, gloomy month?


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3 Responses to making me happy // offset printer

  1. Shelagh says:

    Reading your blog about everyday life on Cape Breton (especially when I can’t be there) makes me happy.
    Sitting with my family on a snowy Sunday evening around the fireplace, eating homemade pizza and drinking a bottle of wine makes me happy.
    Knowing these dark days will zip by and before we know it, the days will be getting brighter again makes me happy.

  2. haya says:

    i looooooove ginger chews! found them at a bulk store near work and ate the small bag i bought in alarming speed. should get home.
    my christmas paper projects are currently bringing me joy and also going to the gym more often than i had been able to while marathon training. crazy cardio bootcamp classes are pretty fun.

  3. Alison says:

    Ginger chews!?! They sound delicious. Sitting by a nice warm fire with a ‘non-alcoholic’ Baileys and coffee. I would prefer the real stuff, but that will be next month. Getting to say “last time”, laughing with friends, and unexpected surprises.

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