long weekends are the best!

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Time is flying these days. But the long weekend was glorious. The weather was beautiful, I got to see some friends, and have tea and catch-up chats, and take some nice walks, but also have some chilled-out time at home. Now I’m clearing my calendar and preparing to be really productive this fall, both in school and also in planning the next step of my wee business. (Which is selling postcards and stickers.) I’ll share more on here once those plans are a bit more firm!

Tomorrow or the next day, here on the blog I’ll share photos of my trip out to Cape Clear last Friday, along with directions on how to get there yourself… it’s a beautiful spot and I had wanted to get there since years! Definitely worth the drive and the adventure of finding it.

Also, I hope you’re enjoying Celtic Colours if you’re doing that, this week! I don’t have time this year to take in any of the festival fun, as school tasks and home life are taking priority, but I do have some fond memories of festivals past that I get to relive around this time of year, by listening to the album “Haven” by the band Flook. (Mainly the memories are of what it was like to be able to stay up past midnight, back when I was a fresh-faced 19-year-old!)

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1 Response to long weekends are the best!

  1. catriona says:

    Flook was definitely the soundtrack when we explored Newfoundland, happy memories.

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