busy busy good life lately


More about these eggs later this week.


The giant forsythia bush in our back yard is *still* in bloom. I love it.


Starting herbs. I can’t wait for giant summer salads.


More plants. I love gardening. I wish I could do it all day long.


Forsythia blooms fallen on the back steps.

Do you have phases in your life like this, where you’re hopping from one day to the next and the time is just flying?

In some ways I love it, and in other ways I hate it. I love having lots on the go, but I hate not having any spare time. I hate thinking, “Well, I *could* write a blog post, or… I could sleep.” (Or make lunch for the next day. Or veg out and watch a movie.)

I suppose that’s part of adult life, though, is balancing all the things. Will there always feel like there is more to do than I have time for? (My guess is yes.)

I’m hoping that once school is done for the summer, next week, that I can settle into more of a routine. (And again have time for stuff I love, like lots of sleep, lounging around and reading, and yes, this blog.)


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