back to my old job


The super high-tech Accounts Receivable accordion folder where I keep charge account receipts.

It is both good, and strange, to be back at my previous job for the summer.

Good because… they are great people to work with. Good because I get to walk around a lot, or at least stand at the counter computer (and I’d gotten frighteningly stationary with design work). And good because hey, a paycheque is pretty sweet! You can’t beat money in the bank.

But it’s also strange because I feel like the last eight months that I was in school must have flown by, or something (even though at the time, sometimes, they felt like they crawled). Here I am, again, at the same desk, the same building, by the same lake. It’s that disorienting feeling you get whenever you return to a once-familiar place after being away for a time. Houses, trees, streets, people – all look the same, yet surreally, subtly, slightly different.

I’m also feeling my age. I know, I know, I’m not that old, but I did just turn twenty-nine last month, which in my mind is the waiting room to thirty, and I don’t care what people say, thirty is definitely a turning point. A change. No longer “young”.

(Again, I know, I know, when I’m sixty or even forty I’ll look back at myself at twenty-nine and think, ‘how young I was!’ But for now, I’m the age that I am, and this is how I feel about it.)

But I’m feeling my age because I feel rusty. Which is a feeling I never had before at the start of a term at the marina. I was always pretty able to just jump back in again. (Then again, I never had a break this long from it before. So I guess there’s that.) This time around, though, I’m having to stop, and think, “OK, how did I do this process before? How did I save this or that information, and where did those folders go? Where DO we keep the hose clamps? How DO I give a quote for an outboard motor?” My brain is having to switch gears and I never did learn how to drive a standard, haha.

Anyway, despite the busy-ness of being back to full time work, being still in school (independent projects until the end of the month, plus a neat group project), having a couple of design clients of my very own, aaaaand trying to get some me-time in there too… there are some neat pieces and Q+As in the works for the blog. I may not be posting as often as I used to, but I’m still here.

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8 Responses to back to my old job

  1. Carina Francis-McLeod says:

    Hi Leah, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I love it! I actually live in the UK but my husband’s mum lives on North Shore CB. My husband, Simon, and I visited way back in 2004 as newly-weds and adored every second of our Cape Breton experience, so your blog is fascinating as it shows what real life is like there (not just the tourist goggles we had on) and how many amazing people there are. In fact we are finally visiting again this August but this time with our two sons who weren’t around the last time!! We are thoroughly looking forward to exploring with them this time.
    I’m always excited when I see your blog post pop up in my e-mail – it is inspiring me to take a considered look at what we are doing with our hectic lives and find ways to change it for the better.
    Looking forward to your next post…

  2. alicia penney says:

    school really does make the time fly by. at the beginning of my degree, 4 years looked like an eternity, but now i only have one year left, and i feel scared that i won’t have time to prepare for what comes next!

  3. freya forbell says:

    and thats a good thing.

  4. Joe Green says:

    Following your blog, the months have certainly flown by. I really can’t quite believe you’re back in the summer job again already.

    You will shake off the rustiness in no time and get an extra buzz from knowing that you’re good at two completely different things.

    And yes, I can confirm that, when you’re well past 30, 29 seems very young… but also strangely mere moments ago. Time passes in odd ways.

    Keep writing.

  5. Krista says:

    Congrats on having your own design clients! Go you!

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