March: Currently

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Walking a lot since my car broke down, which is actually a good thing, since I love walking.

Hearing the snow melting and the miniature creeks running.

Listening to “18 Months” by Calvin Harris on repeat. Apparently my 14-year-old self, who listened to Dance Mix 95 on repeat, is back.

Re-arranging my office so that my design supplies are front and center, which means storing boxes of books in the basement. A little nerve-wracking for this lady, for whom lots of books around means security.

Cooking supper nearly every night and feeling like I’m finally getting a handle on this whole ‘meat every night’ thing, and on cooking meat in general. (Sometimes I feel like my partner and I come from different cultures. My hippie parents were mostly vegetarian.)

Dreaming of the summertime and gardens.

Wearing the same thing all week long, since it’s March Break. (It’s a darn good thing I’m not a style blogger, because I’d be a crappy one.)

Writing letters by hand. Still loving that.

Working on projects for actual clients – exciting! They’re only small, but you’ve got to start somewhere. (One of them is the Cape Breton Gaels Jam – click here for more information!)

Wishing there were more hours in the day because there are so many places I want to go see and people I want to visit with, just on this island alone.

(This “Currently” format of blog post is directly copied from miss Elise Blaha Cripe, whose blog is (sort of) to sunny California what mine is to sometimes-sunny Cape Breton. Actually, it’s a bit pretentious to count myself in the same category as her, since her blog is her full-time job, but, whatevs.)

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1 Response to March: Currently

  1. Joe Green says:

    Meat is over-rated 🙂 I’m with your parents.

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