At Rockinghorse Ranch

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A couple of weeks ago I went out to Rockinghorse Ranch in Big Baddeck.

I’d driven past it many times on my way to see friends or hike at Uisge Ban Falls, but never gone to check it out.

The day I’d planned with Dale to go visit turned out to be a very snowy one, and I had to creep along the roads to get there, worrying as I did so that I shouldn’t have come. But once I got there – and was greeted vociferously by the guard dogs – I was glad I had come. The barn and arena was peaceful, a restful place to hang out and be with horses.

Jim, Dale’s partner, showed me and my Mum around (that’s Mum’s fur hood peeking out in some of the shots) and introduced us to all the horses, ducks, goats, chickens and llama that make up the population of the ranch.

I’ll definitely be going back in the spring for a longer visit and maybe even try riding a horse!

This is from the Ranch’s Facebook group:

“Rocking Horse Ranch is about bringing trust and hope back to horses, dogs and even people. Horses are good for our soul, healing our hearts.

The ranch was the last stop for many of the horses here. Through compassion and many hours of retraining these animals have blossomed into trusted and loving companions. Dale is convinced she can do this with any horse brought to her. She can fix bad behavior, big or small.

She teaches these methods to many of the young people and adult riders who frequent the ranch. They learn how by touching a horse in different ways you can reach their soul. This way of communicating is just one of the ways Dale teaches you about their language. Our horses will reach out to you and seek your friendship. When you walk into the barn you will hear a friendly whinny and you know you have stepped into their world.

Horse Assisted Therapy
There will be sessions offered to special needs children or adults at the ranch. These sessions will help you learn how to think and stay calm, how to be a good friend, how to be a good listener, how to follow directions and it is great for learning social skills. Horsemanship will help with building self esteem, manners, and help them to understand their feelings.
The horses and animals at the Rocking Horse Ranch all have been rescued from an uncertain fate, they have all been rehabilitated and will be very happy to help everyone learn and grow. There is flexible scheduling for individual needs. Call Dale for more information on the sessions (902.295.2743), or feel free to stop by and see this very special barn.

Address of the Ranch 1544 Westside Baddeck ,Baddeck ,Nova Scotia ,B0E1B0

My barn door is always open :).”


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3 Responses to At Rockinghorse Ranch

  1. jeanvaljean says:

    What training does the therapist have?

  2. It is not an actual therapy per say ,more a learning experience ,We are a barn who has been dealing with children of all ages ,some with problems for many years ..This program is just for them to come and learn about animals ,play with some very kind animals in hopes of growth ..I have the experience of 40 hears with horses and animals and people who are helping have years of experience with special needs children ..all parents must be on site also .More details coming up as the plans are finalized .

  3. Lynn Hussey says:

    Wonderful place and I can’t think of anything better to have children or adults involved in. It elevates your mood and you are on a natural high all the time you are there and after you leave;that’s speaking from experience. Try it, it’s wonderful!

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