Links Loved

(By the way, the font used in the above graphic is Mexcellent. It is a free download.)

  • The Stupid Things You Do On Facebook (And How To Fix Them) is a good piece about making your experience on Facebook better. For example, auditing your apps and what they have access to, and tweaking your privacy settings. (Mind you, I read through it and went “Yup, I should do those things!” and then… didn’t.)
  • This guy popped up on my radar this week – Tyler Tervooren’s blog “Advanced Riskology.” Even though I read blogs all the time and follow certain blogs for years, it’s actually pretty rare that I click through to a blog and then want to stay and read for hours. (Mostly I take a look through the top couple of posts, learn something from the design, like whether or not I like it, and then leave. I mean, really, there are only so many ways you can blog about fashion or food and make it interesting, and that’s the main focus of most of the blogs that I see.) Anyway, this “Advanced Riskology” blog seems like one I’m going to read more of. These are the articles I’m recommending for now: 13 Rules for being alone and liking it, and Never live with your parents again: a mini-guide to self-reliance. The man gives good, solid, interesting advice.
  • On the other hand, sometimes a fashion blog just kicks butt, over and over again. Those are the ones I follow daily. Elsie and Emma’s fashion shoots make me want to quit my job, buy a really good camera, and then spend all my time either thrift shopping or doing photo shoots in front of walls and buildings in Cape Breton. This post this week had me about to give in my notice.
  • What’s it like to travel to India and get authentic mehndi? (That’s the neat tradition where they draw on your hands with henna.) Anyway, this lady knows! I like her blog about travel and saying “yes” to life – it inspires my approach here and in life in general.
  • Speaking of people who make me want to quit my paying job and take up full-time photography (and yet simultaneously makes me feel I could never have the quiet, strong talent she does), Tara Whitney is a photographer in Southern California. The way she blogs about where she lives really inspires me, in how I blog about Cape Breton. Just let the place be what it is, and capture the details you love. Anyway, this is one of her photo shoots of a family in Texas. Isn’t she incredible??! I have seriously considered going to Southern California so she could take my picture. Then I remembered, I’m broke.

Other notes:

  1. Tomorrow morning (Monday, June 11th) at 8:15 am, I’ll be interviewed on CBC Cape Breton’s show Information Morning. Tune in!!
  2. I’m now on Instagram (@leahcnoble) so if you’re an Instagram user, do follow me and I’ll follow you back! You’ll get to see some behind-the-scenes shots, and some daily photos of my Cape Breton life. Such as it is.
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3 Responses to Links Loved

  1. Hi Leah. Thanks so much for sharing my work with your readers and introducing me to a few new and fun people to follow.


  2. karla says:

    Started reading your blog Tyler and its great as well, thanks for sharing Leah!

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