Just like that…

And just like that… summer is here.

Well, not really, I know. But the weather has been so fine. And all the leafed things are making this year’s batch.

The village is filling with cars and visitors.

The warm breezes make the trembling aspens, well, tremble.

Doesn’t it feel sudden? Or is that just me?

Notes: the garden photos are all taken at my mother’s house. She is a gardener extraordinaire. The other shots are taken around Baddeck or else on the dirt road where I live. The font is Lullababy and it’s a free download.

Also, welcome! To all the new folks following this blog after yesterday’s Q+A with Kate Beaton. I’m so glad you’re here.

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2 Responses to Just like that…

  1. Heather says:

    It does feel sudden! It is definitely one of the best springs in a long long time. This time last year I put my tomatoes out and they just about died, but this year I might try it again because it’s been so warm.

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