Beautiful weather for a drive!

It was windy and sunny, and I was a happy lady!

Yesterday I was on the road a fair bit. I started the morning in Sydney at a meeting, then drove over Boularderie, over Kelly’s Mountain and then across the Englishtown Ferry, then turned towards St. Ann’s and stopped in North River for another meeting. Then back towards Baddeck, and home.

The weather has been amazing! Today is the first day of spring, so Happy Spring everyone! I always feel very hopeful in the spring. The snow melts away and plants start to show signs of life again. The whole summer is ahead. I feel lighter and I love the way the air smells.

A few changes around here: I changed the “theme” – the way the blog is laid out – so that you can just scroll down, and down some more, to read blog posts. As always, I love feedback, so let me know what you think.

I also created a header image – that’s the banner across the top that says “Dream Big Cape Breton”. It’s really just a rough start, actually – I hope to make it even more awesome as I go down the road of learning graphic design. (That’s right, it’s official, I’m going back to school this fall, to NSCC’s Marconi campus, to take Graphic Design! So excited!)

Here are more pictures from yesterday.

My favourite graffiti, on Kelly's Mountain.

Barachois River on the St. Ann's Loop

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6 Responses to Beautiful weather for a drive!

  1. karla mcinnis says:

    Makes me homesick but thanks for sharing, love the pictures especially the banner!

    • leahcnoble says:

      I’m sorry it made you homesick, sweetie!

      But in a way I’m almost glad that it can make people homesick. Because I do want ppl to move back here (if possible for them to do so) and then work at creating community and work for themselves and each other.

  2. karla mcinnis says:

    Well i recently purchased a place in River Bennet with the hopes of moving home (definately visiting more) so seeing these pictures today of the area really made my day! Love your blog, great idea, cheers!

  3. meghan says:

    looks awesome

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