International Women’s Day Open House – Baddeck – March 8th, 2012

Last Thursday was International Women’s Day! I was inspired a few months ago to do something to celebrate this international event. I heard a voice in my head – while in yoga class, how “new age” is that? – to rent St. Michael’s Hall in my hometown and have an Open House. This event would be a celebration of women and community, a party! I was inspired by similar Women’s Day events that used to take place in this area about ten or fifteen years ago, organized by women in my mother’s circle. I thought it was time for my generation to start celebrating the day.

So it’s not as dramatic as, say, Joan of Arc. I admit it! But, I followed the voice’s advice. I rented the hall two months in advance, and slowly, bit by bit, the event came together. (I’ll be sharing some ideas about community event planning, based on my own experiences, on this blog soon!) And, as you’ll see in this photo gallery, it was a wonderful day. (When you click on a picture, it opens it up larger and allows you to click through the whole gallery.)

Edit: Looking at all the photos together I realize that I neglected to take pictures at the busiest time of the day, lunchtime! The hall was packed with 50 or more people eating delicious soup prepared by the Herring Choker Cafe. Note to self – take more pictures next year!

Hurray for all these wonderful women!

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1 Response to International Women’s Day Open House – Baddeck – March 8th, 2012

  1. Penny says:

    It was a really fun day. Thank you Leah

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