10 Beaches/2012: Point Aconi

The one day last week that I had off and had time to go to a beach, of course it was rainy and foggy.

But I went anyway.

This is a lookoff, on Kelly’s Mtn. Not much looking off to be done here today!

First I drove out along Black Rock, on Boularderie. Then I went through Millville to the highway, and stopped at the little mini-barn where Rendall’s was selling strawberries, three dollars a box. I bought three boxes.

Then I drove out the Point Aconi road. There were signs that marked the way to the beach, as you can see above.

I parked and ate my lunch in the car, since it was drizzling. I looked at the power plant. I thought about electricity, and how we use it for so much in our lives these days: light, heat, cooking, bathing, computers, telephones. And I thought about how easy it is, when you don’t see the power plants, to forget that the electricity comes from somewhere. Not just the plug in the wall.

Then I got out of the car, and walked down to the beach. I walked the length of it, taking pictures, while my glasses got progressively more covered in raindrops. Then I turned around and walked back. “That’s enough,” I decided.

I went home for a warm shower and to make strawberry shortcake. I’ll go back there another, sunnier, day.

To get there: Take exit 17 off the Trans Canada Highway in Bras d’Or, onto the 162. Continue roughly 5 km until you start seeing signs for both the Nova Scotia Power Plant, and the beach. Follow the “beach” signs til you get to the parking lot.

This summer, Iโ€™m challenging myself to make it to ten separate beaches on Cape Breton Island. Here’s the original post.

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2 Responses to 10 Beaches/2012: Point Aconi

  1. Winston Bearkiller says:

    LOL, Here I sit baking in 42 C summer weather. Your walk on the beach sounds like a taste of heaven to me.


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