multitude monday / sept 21


Chalkboard art I saw at the People’s Climate Forum yesterday. More to come about that event, this week on the blog.

My friend and former design classmate Katie MacLennan writes a great blog called Polka Dot Soup. On it she writes a post some Mondays called “Multitude Monday.” She writes, “Mondays are about documenting the little (or big!) things in life that make me oh-so-happy. Let’s make Mondays a day to reflect on the goodies, and not the baddies.” She writes ten at a time and numbers them consecutively, so I’m doing that too.

Also, last year I read Brené Brown’s book “Daring Greatly: How The Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead,” in which she writes, “The shudder of vulnerability that accompanies joy is an invitation to practice gratitude, to acknowledge how truly grateful we are for the person, the beauty, the connection, or simply the moment before us.”

(The last Multitude Monday post I wrote, last week, is here.)

The ten things I’m most grateful for right now:

181. Abundant, abundant, abundant life. I’m feeling so lifted, so filled, so happy these days.

182. Mother Earth. I take her for granted all the time. I forget so often to whisper “thanks” for the grass, the trees, the sky, the water.

183. Community — all the beautiful faces in it, of all ages.

184. The crows for squawking from tree branches, for picking for worms in my manure pile (even though I don’t want them to — rascals!), for swooping through the air, for being crows.

185. Laughter, and its healing power.

186. The little things like buying some frames for art, and putting it on the walls. Throw pillows, too! I never thought throw pillows would mean anything to me. Now that I have my own home, they do.

187. Change, progression and evolution – for being normal and natural and at this phase of my life anyway, so rewarding.

188. Rain today. Dirt was dry. Enough said.

189. I’m a grown-ass woman and I’m going to listen to J.Lo’s new album, at full volume. “I luh ya Papi!”

190. Showing up to the People’s Climate Forum and simultaneously having fun, and paying attention to a serious problem facing us all. These two things can happen at once. I’ll share more about the forum, and about what I’m going to do about climate change as a result, later this week.

Have a great Monday! Stay dry and don’t blow away, LOL.

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