links loved / mar 15


It’s that time of the week again, time to share some love!

I want this as a print on my wall, and possibly a tattoo on my body.

I don’t understand the language she’s singing in, but I loved every note of this album.

The benefits of working out, for creatives.

A walk along the Scottish coastline.

Ban Bossy: Encourage Girls To Lead.

Katie (a fellow Cape Bretoner) gets me dreaming about dirt and springtime.

“Such lovely, ‘beautifully boring’, work:” folding chairs by Lucia Dill.

The Transition Network blog is actually a hopeful and connecting read.

How to let go of a dream, and “juice the brilliance”.

Have a great weekend! I’m trying to remember that life is what we make of it. There may be trends of people leaving, there may be unprecedented change happening in our communities. This is true. But, the future is not written in stone. We affect it.

xo – Leah

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