short post // exercise

photo I heard someone once say, “Exercise is the most under-used anti-depressant.”

With each step, I think, “Everything is going to be OK, everything is going to be OK.”

And, it is.

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4 Responses to short post // exercise

  1. Diane says:

    Hey Leah, I am reaching out to you my dear…everything is OK and always is. This too shall pass. I sent you an email with a wonderful link that I hope you get the chance today to listen to. You may need to sign up with an email but it is worth it. It offers some tools to help ourselves get through all different situations. All we need to do is be open. I hope this helps. Take Joy ~ Diane

    PS good timing I just finished listen to the link myself and then went on FB and their was your post. There are no coincidences.

  2. Justin says:

    Exercise is the only thing that keeps me sane in the winter months. My head definitely needs it even more than the rest of me does. I find I have to have a routine and stick to it as best I can. It sounds cliche, probably because it’s so true, but the absolute hardest thing is getting started. If you can remember that, you soon realize that after you start it’s all downhill. That, and try to remember how you feel afterwards. After I’m done, I realize I feel great, and whatever shitty situations I’m worrying or depressed about aren’t that bad… it’s just that I’m viewing them through a skewed, deformed lens of less-than-desirable brain chemistry and pre-winter drear that makes it seem so. But, that being said, even then, it’s still not exactly easy. Hang in there.

    Oh, and vitamin D supplements. LOTS of vitamin D šŸ™‚

  3. Sandy Foster, Grant st. in summer says:

    My daily walk is a must. Gets me going for the day and it does make everything OK. You will see me every morning, rain or shine during the summer ( May to Oct ) touring around Baddeck. Its a good way to unwind and also meet some very interesting people both locals and visitors.

  4. yv0nnej says:

    Puppies work, as well. Especially puppies on walks šŸ™‚

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