What I love about October…

…cool mornings and earlier evenings.

…leaves turning colour.

…Halloween – spooky things, orange and black colour themes, cats and spiders.

…Thanksgiving and fall decor – oranges, reds, browns.

…Lots of wind that pushes all the big puffy clouds around.

…Apples on trees by the side of the road.

…The promise of frost.

Me these days: Busy, busy, with schoolwork. Trying not to take on too much outside of school, and cutting back on volunteer commitments so I can focus on schoolwork, and on having downtime. Without that I would go crazy, I know it. I’m gathering thoughts together (read: writing sentences in my notebook) for some posts on volunteering, on creating balance in life, and on saying No. (And also on saying Yes, because that’s a good word, too.)

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2 Responses to falling

  1. Wilsea says:

    The days are too short; the nights too long; it’s getting cold; I hate frost, snow and ice (except in my drink!); I can’t sail my boat anymore; I have to pay (rediculously) for oil; scrape my windshield in the mornings… need I go on. Nope!
    All that being said, this old salty soul of mine does admit that it’s wonderfully gorgeous out there; the kiddies at Halloween are precious; Christmas is happily getting closer (I love Santa); and we tend to do more dinner parties this time of the year.
    So, I guess you’re right (as usual), October is very fine. And besides, this is wine making season, “Yippeeee!”
    Great wishes in school, Leah.


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