Dream Big Cape Breton and FINDERS KEEPERS Easter Contest!

Laura Moore of the FINDERS KEEPERS shop and I both love Easter, and springtime in general. So we teamed up to have a fun contest here on the Dream Big Cape Breton blog!

To enter:

  • snap a picture of an Easter egg (could be one you drew on paper, could be a dyed one, could be a foil-wrapped chocolate one – or any other kind of Easter egg) somewhere outside, in your community. I picked the Baddeck sign as an example but as you can see I also took some shots around the sign and around the town.
  • Upload the picture either to the wall of the Dream Big Cape Breton Facebook group, or email it to me at leahcnoble@gmail.com . Remember that if it’s not immediately obvious where your picture is located, to include the name of your community in your message.
  • This contest is only open to folks physically on Cape Breton.

The prize is the fantastic, hand-picked basket you see in the top photo, of items from Laura’s shop. Laura did an amazing job of putting together a sweet, charming and totally awesome basket of goodies, that fits in with Dream Big’s goals and values – caring, connecting, wishing, imagining, nurturing, creating, recycling, supporting local, and thinking. (To name a few!)

Draw date is April 9th, Easter Monday.

Pictures will all be on the blog following the contest! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

Now – enter the contest, and have a lovely Easter weekend! I’m off to find some chocolate. (Nom, nom.)

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