The weekend

Like I’ve said before, my weekends are sacred resting time. As much as possible, anyway. I thank my boyfriend for this – he’s a tradesman and works hard during the week. On weekends he likes to rest. When I first met him I thought this was laziness and lack of interest in hobbies or hikes. It took me some time and some adjusting to realize that it wasn’t, that it was just that he’s really good at knowing how to balance himself. And that he knows that the world isn’t going to end, just because he spends two days vegging out and relaxing.

It’s a refreshing attitude, especially for me, because I tend towards panic and doing too much. It’s really good to practice letting go, on a regular basis. For some people, meditation works. For us, it’s stretchy pants, TV and snacks, and a box of wine.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. The first bunch are my drive from Baddeck, over Kelly’s Mountain, and over Boularderie to George’s River and my boyfriend’s house. The last twenty or so are from my “church” – my Sunday morning walk along the roadside. I don’t attend church in the literal sense, but for me taking a walk along the road by myself is a way for me to show devotion to my God. (Whoever that is – that’s a topic for a whole other post, I’m sure!)

Stay tuned this week for more awesome posts! I’ve got a couple of Q+As coming down the pipe, as well as some other fun things.

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2 Responses to The weekend

  1. Wilson says:

    Smiling while jelously preparing this text…
    “Hold it right there, Ms. Noble…way too much information…I mean, why don’t you just come out and say “everything” you guys do on the weekend.
    And, I don’t see a photo of this Adam guy, all I see are photos of roads, dogs, cats and bridges. Oh yes, and feet… your albums always have feet in them. I love feet!
    Is this man of yours not worthy of a photo online?!?! Besides, I gotta have a chat with this Mr. (Adam) Right, just to make sure he spoils you rotten! You deserve the best.”

    Great job, Leah.
    Smiles to you!

    • leahcnoble says:

      Oh Wilson, you should probably lay off the rum! 😉

      I’ll make sure Adam knows my “uncle” Wilson, who happens to love my feet, err, wants a talk with him. You nut. 🙂

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