The brown bag is from Value Village and cost 5$. The wallet is from Leather Works (on the Cabot Trail) and was around 40$, I think. The little notebook was a gift from my friend Laura. That isn't, incidentally, the Dream Big notebook. It's more my "fits in my purse and takes random notes" book.

Today I am…

– Planning and dreaming (writing in my Dream Big notebook, reading tips and thoughts by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess, writing a bio for myself for the program for an upcoming workshop I’m speaking at, writing some more in my Dream Big notebook)

– Enjoying this early spring weather we’re being blessed with. Honestly, and I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but if it’s global warming that’s causing this balmy weather that makes me so happy, right now, I’m OK with that.

– Drinking tea out of this red cup, which used to belong to my neighbour, Jimmy MacKillop. He died a few years ago, when he was 96, and his family asked us if we wanted to take a keepsake each from his home.

The cats are all frisky with the spring weather!

– Starting a painting project. (Basement stairs!)

– Trying to set limits and come to terms with the fact that I cannot do it all. It seems like I learn this lesson at least once a week. Sigh.

– Stopping work at 6:30 on the nose to enjoy home-made lasagna from a friend, with my mother. Dream Big, see you again tomorrow!

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1 Response to Today…

  1. Nothing like a red cup and a relaxed cat for company!

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