blueberries and branding


Yesterday I attended a workshop in Sydney. It was put on by the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia, which is a great organization that supports the non-profit sector in the province. Their website is really well done – check it out!

Anyway, the workshop was all about branding, and the guy putting it on was Sean Kelly, who used to be the director of communications for Cuso International. It was a really great workshop — and I’ve been to many, good and bad — and it got me thinking all about what goes into a brand, what goes into public image, and all of that.

Then when I got home, I went out for a walk in the field near my house. I wanted blueberries. When I got to where they grow, I was thinking about branding still (things stick in my brain like that). I was thinking, “What image of these blueberries would appeal the most to people? And what audience?”

Would it be a picture of just the blueberries on the bush, as above?


Would it be blueberries in someone’s hand?


A much close-up image of those blueberries in the hand?


A picture of a person holding the blueberries out to you?

blueberries5 Enough with all of that — I’m just going to eat the blueberries!

Have a lovely day.


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