links loved / aug 9


Happy weekend! This is a sunflower growing in my garden. I planted three seeds and the other two are doing OK, but this one is just super happy where it is. (The other two aren’t far away, not sure why one is doing better than the others! Weird plants.)

Each Saturday I like to post a list of stuff I’ve enjoyed on the webs lately. It’s inspired by the super rad Elise Blaha Cripe of California, and her “weekend links” series.

I hope you are having a super fun, relaxing, soak-up-the-Cape-Breton-sun-while-its-here weekend!

Linda Wright of Big Hill Pottery is hosting a pastel artist from the Napa Valley for a three-day workshop in October. Jealous!!

This product name and idea made me laugh a lot , and look at Adam like, “Is this for real?” (When we saw it advertised on a sports event he was watching.) Turns out, it is!

A brilliant idea for a cafe/childcare. We need one here!

Smart way to be happy at work: track your efforts, not your accomplishments.

Rainbows and glitter and joy! It’s Pride Cape Breton week!

Pretty graphic about friends and gardens... would make a lovely print!

Alrighty… time to take a long walk, then get some freelance work done, then spend some time with family! Hurray for the weekend. Have a good one!

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1 Response to links loved / aug 9

  1. peady says:

    I really enjoy your blog. You make me miss Cape Breton so much. I love when you share nice stuff from around the web. It’s a kind thing to do!

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