links loved / april 5


When I type or write “April” these days I’m a little unbelieving. Looking out the window it really doesn’t feel like April, that’s for sure!

Here’s a round-up of some lovely things I saw on the Internets this past week.

I just discovered Shauna Niequist and I have a feeling I’m going to read a lot more of her in the future. This post is called “SHOULD is a warning sign.”

I love the new Casual Friday feature at A Beautiful Mess. Life is about all the moments that happen while you’re planning and putting things together.

My friend Laura in Toronto sent me the link to this 16 minute video about a man who left his high-pressure medical career to roller-blade along a beach all day. It’s called Slomo.

I liked this walk through a small Arkansas town.

This print.

If you have a thing for beautiful doors, you’ll love this post by Katie of her trip to Quebec City last year.

I’ve been loving following Suzanne MacNeil’s Instagram feed of the nurses’ protests in Halifax this week. She’s a rabble-rouser and I love it!

Elise released her first three podcasts this week. They’re fantastic, but I also love how she is so honest about how she is building her brand through them, and why she “just gets started” on big projects instead of trying to figure them all out beforehand.

Now I’m off to the market for some crepe-y goodness, and then a yoga class called “Laughter Yoga”… I’m intrigued! Have a fantastic weekend my dears.

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2 Responses to links loved / april 5

  1. Shannon S. says:

    I loved the canoes all docked in the Arkansas tour! Its just so pleasing to the soul

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