What I saw: Cabot Trail Writers Festival 2013


In one word: yeah!!!

In two words: love it.

In three words: so much goodness.

That picture above is from heading over the Englishtown ferry on my way to North River on Friday.

IMG_8663 The gala Friday night, featuring a collaboration between Otis Tomas and Carmel Mikol.


My friend Kathy, that I stay with whenever I go to North River for the festival, seems to get a new kitten every year. This is Julie. And yes, I took videos – I’ve got to figure out how to get those up on the ol’ Internet. I’m sure my ratings would increase tenfold!


Saturday morning at the Hall – the view from the front door. The bookmobile came and hung out too. IMG_8678 Me wearing the volunteer button, at my station, the front door.

IMG_8680 Lunchtime!

IMG_8681 I wrote a little note to myself in the copy of the book I was reading from. (This is the short story that’s being published in a book later this month.)

IMG_8682 IMG_8685 IMG_8689 The view from the Chanterelle Inn, where I went to pick up Peter Robinson. That’s right, I got to play chauffeur to one of the world’s best crime writers! And yes, he’s a really nice man.

IMG_8694 IMG_8695 After dinner in the St. Andrew’s Church basement, we were treated to comedy acts by Maynard Morrison and Bette MacDonald. So funny! “Cripes dear!”

IMG_8697 Sunday morning, the view across from me at the front door table. Community Hall bulletin board.

IMG_8698 Books I bought at the Readers’ Market (a small bookstore set up on the stage of the hall) – one by each featured author, and an extra one from Peter Robinson. Got them all signed, of course! That’s one of the best parts of the festival!

IMG_8702 Hall chairs and hall floor.

IMG_8707 Sunday morning panel discussion.


Overall, it’s such a great festival. It’s filled to the brim with laughter (so much laughing!), smiles, good words, comrades in the writing lifestyle, and of course, delicious food. So much good food, I can’t even begin to describe. It’s healthy food but it’s also really tasty. And there is lots of it.

Going out there, to North River, is a retreat for me with no cell phone service. Specific houses have internet but I didn’t bother getting my friend’s wifi password (plus I think I asked her for it last year and she couldn’t remember where she’d written it down). So I took it as a welcome break from checking my phone for text messages and Facebook updates. (Sorry – I love using Facebook to promote stuff and stay in touch with people, for sure, but I also really love a break from it.)

Going there is also, for me, a trip into the past. From the age of seventeen to twenty-two, I would live there in the summer season. I would board with a family friend and work in a pottery shop and studio that was in an old schoolhouse. I made lots of friends, had a few boyfriends over the years, and lots of adventures. Going there now, for a weekend, at age 29, is odd and a strange little trip back in time, to places I spent a lot of time and had a lot of formative experiences. It’s good, overall, for sure. But strange. You probably have places like that yourself, and know what I mean!

Anyway. The festival is so great. It’s a real gem.

Afterward, I wasn’t ready to go home, so I went for a little hike. I’ll share the photos of that tomorrow!

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1 Response to What I saw: Cabot Trail Writers Festival 2013

  1. haya says:

    i have so much to say: looks like an amazing time!! the pictures make me miss your coast. also, it is so nice to spend time with people that share a big passion of yours.
    tiny kittens are adorable! try instagram videos, they are pretty easy/foolproof (but must be short)
    so proud of you + your story in print! that is super awesome. congrats! i look forward to reading it some time.

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