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If you just found this blog because of CTV news…

… hi and welcome! You may be interested in the piece I wrote about the new brand for CBU. That post from last week is here. This post, from the following day, is some follow-up about the reaction to the … Continue reading

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on vacation!

And… we’re away! From YQY to ORD for a week of visiting, eating and drinking, dancing, and generally having a good time. I’ll be back here on the blog on July 24th. Til then you can find me on Instagram, … Continue reading

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a walk behind the gaelic college, in springtime

This first picture, above, was taken last week on the MacKillop Road right behind the Gaelic College. Below is the same spot, yesterday: So it’s really great to be able to walk here on my lunch breaks! As you know … Continue reading

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what if // 1

(Feel free to think I’m bonkers. I do, half the time!) The background: On the weekend I went to a “Laughing yoga” class at the Green Lotus Studio in Sydney, because I’d heard that laughter is super good for you, … Continue reading

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I was feeling like I had painted myself into a corner. Correction,¬†am feeling like that. I mean, with all this talk about “dream big!” and “think positive!”, and “I Heart Cape Breton,” what do you do as the “positive, young-person … Continue reading

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in the middle of some “busy”

First there was Lumiere last weekend, for which I did social media (and posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook here, which you can see even if you don’t have a Facebook account). It was mind-blowing and really fun, and … Continue reading

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still dreaming

Lately I’m reconsidering. Re-evaluating, re-viewing, re-thinking. All those “re-” words. This blog, mainly. (Everything else in my life right now is actually just fine as it is.) Thinking, “What am I doing? Why am I doing it?” At the start, … Continue reading

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