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links loved / august 2

The start of August is the point where everyone on Cape Breton collectively goes “What the heck!? Where is the summer going?” The truth is, our summer really is only two months long. There might be some nice weather and … Continue reading

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four new goals

It’s past the middle of the year now and I’m ready to ditch my first four simple goals and call them done. And, I’m ready to make four new goals! First, an catch-up and an update: Catch-up: This is the post … Continue reading

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my new job! at Horizon Achievement Centre

So I can finally! tell you all! about this new job! Can you tell I’m excited? Yeah. Just a little bit. I’ll lay off the exclamation points from here on out, I promise. Especially since I think I used my … Continue reading

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project process // hand-lettering part 3

Back in February of this year I started on an independent project for school, learning some hand-lettering. I’m a huge fan of Mary Kate McDevitt’s work and wanted to learn some of the techniques of the beautiful art of letters, so I signed up for her Skillshare … Continue reading

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five things I’ve learned from: completing a diploma at NSCC

On Saturday I wore a black and white academic gown and I crossed the stage and got my diploma. I think a big “huzzah” is in order, so: HUZZAH!!! Two years ago I decided to return to school and work … Continue reading

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links loved / june 21

This was Dominion yesterday, after I had dropped off my friend Hollie, and took a quick stop at one of my favourite beaches. (And took this video.) Today is graduation day! So I’m quickly getting some coffee into me before … Continue reading

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links loved / june 14

Every Saturday, inspired by Elise and her “weekend links“, I like to post some fun stuff I’ve seen lately, drooled over or otherwise just had to share. Today in North Sydney we woke up to sunshine! I shelved my plans … Continue reading

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